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Companies and law firms who engage Remedy Outside Counsel typically fall into one of six categories.

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1.) Businesses

With in-house counsel who need occasional support with projects and legal matters, but without the need for additional full-time resources in their existing in-house staff.

2.) Experts

Who need policy and procedure primers and updates on the law for themselves and/or their staff, who need their practice reviewed for compliance with state and federal laws, or who are interested in expanding into expert testimony.

3.) Individuals

Single persons requiring contracts – whether simple contract packages or drafts for common tasks like renting out your home, leasing a space, selling goods such as vehicles or other household goods, or drafting more particularized and complex contracts, such as prenuptial agreements, financial loans, or healthcare decisions for you or a family member.

4.) Law Firms and Sole Practitioners

Those with a need for additional attorney resources for litigation projects, research and writing, or other overflow work, but without the need for the additional expense of another staff attorney or associate, or those needing ethical or malpractice defense.

5.) Start-Ups

Those who need assistance building their companies; companies without in-house counsel who find themselves in need of occasional or on-going legal support, but hiring a full-time in-house lawyer is unnecessary and/or economically unfeasible.



Remedy maintains professionalism and ethics.

Remedy will work closely with you.

Close attention will be given in order to map out the appropriate scope of the project and the timetable so your objectives are met efficiently. In addition to complying with any jurisdictional standards, we take the time to get to know you and match your style, preferences, and unique specifications. You still retain control of your cases, your clients, and your final product.

Remedy maintains a professional and ethical practice model. It is our policy to comply with all rules, regulations, statutes, and other controlling authority at all times. Though your clients remain totally your own, Remedy will run diligent searches for conflicts, and maintain absolute confidentiality, as if the clients were our own.


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The benefits are integral to you and your needs.

Consulting with Remedy Outside Counsel saves you time while simultaneously increasing profits.

Delegating your workload to our experts functions to reduce client costs while improving the overall quality of service and efficiency. You and your clients can reap substantial benefits by outsourcing components of litigation, such as legal research, drafting motions and briefs, and offering other support – even in the office or in the courtroom – as needed. Moreover, you can maintain client relationships and drive profit and growth with assistance from Remedy, even when confronted with complex litigation, daunting opposing parties, and a workload teetering at maximum capacity. Remedy provisionally increases your productivity and expertise on legal issues without the unnecessary expense, time, difficulty, and liability involved with hiring additional staff to meet unpredictable surges in demand.

Remedy recognizes that attorneys often struggle with having the time to stay current on the latest developments in legal sources and technologies while managing a full caseload and some semblance of a personal life. We can help you fill in the gaps and stay on top of the latest developments with our collaborative network of professionals and experts in legal services. Our combined relevant experience and knowledge can help you expand your practice by giving you the tools you need to develop niche areas while managing your cases more efficiently and more economically. You will be able to focus on developing new client relationships, and fostering and nurturing the existing, thereby increasing your revenues and profits. Not only do your clients remain your loyal and satisfied clients, all expenses associated with Remedy’s services are billed according to the fee agreement you have with your client, and not based on the reasonable rates charged directly to you by Remedy. Remedy is the best associate in your firm – the kind who reduces your workload and increases your capital – without any of the attending overhead and expenditure accompanying an associate.

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Our pledge is to always charge fairly. We aren't in the business of incurring incidental charges.

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