Support your big idea with the legal infrastructure it needs.

Remedy can help make the roller coaster ride of your new venture run smoother, even if you are unsure where to begin the journey.

So you had an idea. No, not just an idea: the idea. Maybe you have been thinking about it for years or even decades, or maybe you are on the cutting edge of a new industry and you want to act now and be a modern day pioneer.

Protect and Establish Your New Venture

Making the bold decision to forge your own niche can set you on a roller coaster before you even frame your first dollar bill. Remedy can help make your ride smoother, even if you are unsure where to begin the journey. We can navigate through the uncertainties confronting you, from helping you file your first articles of organization, to negotiating agreements with vendors and purchasers, and even leasing your first office space.

Ways Remedy Can Help Your New Start-Up:

Drafting & Filing Articles
Negotiating & Drafting Contracts
  • Service Agreements
  • Sales Contracts
  • Leasing Contracts
  • Start-Up Contract Packages
    Managing Hiring, Employee, & Labor Matters
    • Employment Contracts
    • Non-Compete Agreements
    Establishing Risk Management Policies & Procedures
    Creating Strong HR & Compliance Foundations
    Drafting Employee Handbooks & Manuals

    Unforeseen challenges are going to lurk around every corner, but Remedy can help prepare you for them, and assist you in building a strong foundation to reduce your exposure to liability. Protecting your ideas and talent in an environment rife with stiff competition, market uncertainty, and a fast-paced, ever-changing technical landscape can feel impossible and overwhelming. The future of your company is too important to be left to chance.

    We know how big your dreams are, and we know how much hard work it takes to make those dreams a reality. Let Remedy work hard alongside you to nurture your idea into the vision you imagined it could be… and maybe something even bigger than your wildest dreams.


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